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Effect of Mars in Marriage report, Groups Discussing casting free love spells
Effect of Mars in Marriage report
Mundane Astrology is the branch of astrology that deals with the natal charts of nations, as well as a study of the Ingress Charts that apply to them. The dynamic aspects such as transits, directions and progressions also apply to countries and can indicate times of war and crisis, or times of peace and tranquility. The most insightful analysis approach is the use of classical or horary techniques to analyze the charts of nations, as well as the various subsidiary charts that will affect them. If political leaders understood  the issues that they will have to face in a given year, then they might run our lives much more effectively.

By studying the effects of Seasonal or Cardinal Ingress Charts set for the capital of the country, one can get a very good idea of the issues that will face the country in the following three months. Ingress charts can not only predict the political climate for the season, they also predict the physical weather for the season. It is my expert opinion that you cannot analyze an Ingress Chart without an in-depth knowledge of horary astrology and astrological weather forecasting. Eclipses will also affect the country if they aspect a planet in the country's natal chart, or if they occur within a short time of the seasonal ingress of the Sun. While Moon Phase charts can also be used for weather and political forecasting, they are a fairly minor consideration. It is interesting to note that the Babylonian kings used to get two reports from their astrologers every day. One was a weather report, the other a political report. The king needed to know if his political enemies were planning to attack, and if the weather would allow the raising of sufficient food crops.
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