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Guaranteed love spells

Can you or "anyone" guarantee a love spell or any other type of spell casting?

Yes. But here is what we (or any ethical spell caster) can legally guarantee :

*** That your spell casting will actually be done/cast! ***

Period. Surprised? Don't be. Even with "brick and mortar" stores, no one can legally or ethically guarantee results. Not even a certified medical doctor, hospital or lawyer can guarantee a particular result (don't believe us? The next time you go to your doctor, a hospital or lawyer - ask them for a written guarantee that they will gt you the results you desire - they will tell you it cannot be done). All that can be guaranteed is that the services you paid for will be actually performed.

Why? Because spiritual services, such as spells, psychic readings, even astrological services like horoscopes cannot guarantee that you will get exactly the results they predict. The keyword here is "prediction". The prediction of possible outcome is based on the service providers' experience, what other clients have experienced under similar situations as yours and with a similar spell, reading, astrological influence etc.

This is exactly what your doctor does when he/she prescribes a certain medicine or course of action. It is based on how successful it has been for others in similarcircumstances as yours.

Is there anyone today that can guarantee anything? Not even the weatherman. Anyone offering "guarantees" we suggest you - run and run fast!

At LoveSpells4U.com we do make the following guarantees:

Guarantee #1: We will perform the service you requested! How do you know if we really have? We provide you with a picture of your ritual!
(Now for those sites who like to "copy" images and then claim them as their own - we will only show you a portion of your ritual - the written "names" and "petition" of your spell. This is to protect our images so that sites out there "posing" as real spell casters don't fool you. It also shows you that a spell was cast with your name, the name of the person you are interested in and the purpose of the spell as an example)

Guarantee #2: We will recast your love spell for FREE if you are not satisfied
(note: we won't perpetually recast - we will do it a maximum of 3 times only, if you need to recast more than this then there is something wrong and we suggest either rethinking your goal/strategy or moving on to something else).

Guarantee #3: We cast your spell based on our knowledge, experience, expertise and use this knowledge to create a custom-spell for maximum effectiveness.

Our spells are custom-made for your specific situation. We don't have "canned" spells (like the tv shows which have "canned laughter machines, that laugh on cue with a fake audience"). Your spell is based on your needs and wants.
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