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Yogiraj - Live AuraReader,Online Aura Reader,Authentic Aura Reader India, The Aura Expert ,The Aura Cleanser
Live Aura Reading Expert
Yogiraj Ji is Expert in Aura Readining.

He can also work with you directly with personal phone sessions and e-mail to Cut Cords of Attachment or help you in other ways. He also offers unique resources on auras, from cleansing and meditation techniques, the past life readings and spiritual retreats. He is find rare information on how auras relate to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. In fact, we live in a sea of energy. Everything is energy, including you. The field of energy around of your physical body forms your aura. Every thought, feeling and experience you have affects the vibration of this energy field.

Everyone, everything--even each place--has an aura. It is possible for you to become aware of these vibrations. Practices like spiritual healing, learning how to meditate, and developing psychic awareness all support you in becoming conscious of the energy. you will even be able to support others healing and becoming more conscious. And this journey of becoming aware of auras begins with choosing to heal yourself.

Auras...Aura Colors, Shapes and Sizes. A grounded and professional approach to auras, their are different color meanings, common shapes & sizes. Unique resources on aura healing, clairvoyant reading, kundalin, healing emotions and...

Aura Readings: Aura readings offer you information about the seven layers of your aura. You can find out about colors, release other people's energy,identify blocks, and get more in touch with your own answers. The best freebie is Yogiraj's blog on "Deeper Perception Made Practical,he support all students, clients, plus people from all walks of life. Consider yourself invited, as Yogiraj Ji does readings of people in the news, plus discussion about what it's like to live as someone with the deeper perception.
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