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Live Aura Reading Expert
Yogiraj is a brief guide to the theory and practice of Crystallomanc.

Using a reflective or translucent object (Scrying) developed in among almost every culture. For example, Egyptians, Hindus, Greeks, North American Indians, Australian Aborigines all are used and many developed the use of a Crystal Ball (known as Crystallomancy). In India, the Crystal Ball has been known from many years ago and many renowned mystics have used this method.
Why Does It Work?
A very popular theory is that every person has latent abilities which are unknowingly suppressed by the rules and routines of our day to day life. those people who have it nearer the surface are regarded as the seers . all people have the ability - it can just come more quickly and easily to some.

You need a ball large and enough to read clearly but not very big that your eyes find it difficult to see it fully. For many people the ideal size is about 100 to 110mm.

The keywords are relaxation and concentration! You need to be ‘switched off’ from the world around you with all its worries and distractions and see in only the Ball. Let itis the fill your vision and your mind. Don’t worry about time. After a period you will begin to see some change are in Ball. some people see the Ball filling with milky clouds which change into the different colours and then darkness followed by the appearance of the images within Ball - some people see white clouds which move through the crystal forming shapes of the people and objects. some people are see clear ‘cinema quality films’ events past, present and future and some are see written messages.

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