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Online Relationship Analysis, A Language of Life - Relationship Analysis
Online Relationship Analysis
Relationship Analysis is Volume IV in Blaschke's Astrology a Language of Life series of books. This gem of a book has only recently been published. The author discusses the theory of relationship astrology, interchart aspects, the composite chart, the Davison chart, and future considerations. He covers broad subject matter, including such things as midpoints, progressed composite and Davison charts, synastric progressions, Solar Returns, the Part of Marriage, Sabian symbols, and more. He goes into detail on the topic of electing a date of marriage, the concept of the "shadow", and a topic that isn't covered frequently: "mirror degree synastry" or antiscia synastry. There are more topics covered than I can list here. The author also helps readers prepare for a consultation and offers a Relationship Analysis Worksheet that serves as an excellent means for organizing one's findings. Outstanding, and a must-own book for those with a serious interest in relationship astrology.
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