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Quest Personalized Care, Career quest, careers quest
Quest Personalized Care
The tenth house of your Natal Chart is the house of Career and Profession. The planet that rules your tenth house and its relationship with the Lord of the Sign, in which the tenth house is positioned, truly governs the dynamics of career & profession - perhaps the most important aspect of our lives.

Also paramount in dictating the way your career is shaping up now, or will shape up in the future, is the Planetary Dasha (transit of planets) through which you are passing at this point and their relationship with the planets mentioned above.

The definition of a successful career or the problems in its course, mean different things to different people. Hence providing a report bound by its defining parameters often tarnishes the objective of an astrological query. This limitation of the report format is addressed by the free form of the Career Quest.

This is a service that addresses your personal queries regarding career, profession or business. It is Not a Report; it is aimed at providing answers to specific problems or questions about your career based on the insight of your Natal Chart and Planetary Dasha.

You may ask up to 3 questions on your career. You are free to explain each question at length - there are no limitations. You may ask multiple minor questions within the major question - however, please ensure that the minor questions are relevant to the major question.
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